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I searched and found nothing so I'll throw it out there again. How hard is it to add the DMX test feature (just like Hog II had) to the Hog 3 software? We theater people are really upset about the lack of this feature. Having to patch a dimmer to a desk channel just to test a dimmer is time consuming and completely annoying. It almost seems that we have to waste time to circumvent the natural state of DMX signal just to send a signal to a dimmer. Please fix this... Please, Please, Please!!!!

John B.


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    I understand your frustration and we do have an enhancement logged for this feature. However since the architecutre of the system is built on the generic fixture model and not direct DMX control it is a bit harder to implement than you would first think. None the less we do plan to implement this feature in the future.

    thanks for your understanding,
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    Hi Brad, I am also disapointed that no dmxtest is available (yet) since my main area of work is in theatre venues where you get new dmx values for your channels on a daily basis. DMX testing is often very usefull. I suggest programming a SET feature to input a value in the dmx window (setup-dmx-set). I also suggest a dmx swap possibility for 2 desk channels (or even fixtures?). Greetings, Joris:)
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    I use now 3 options (as long as there is no DMX-test from HES) depending of the situation:

    - make 512 deskchannels for that purpose every day, patch to empty universe, and delete after search-patch,
    - write down all adresses with the local theatre-desk still hooked up
    - use a Microscoop to test

    But I agree that for the quality of the desk it should be possible as in Hog2

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    The other possibility is that you just record a show with 512 desk channels and use highlight to go one by one. Then, you load up your show and re-patch. Definitely still just a work-around, but it's something.
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    Thx for the speedy reply guys, these are usefull suggestions, thankfully most venue's have a good lighting plot, so most dmx channels are clear. (of course I use different universes for "house"lights and my own rig, so patching is usually a matter of 5 minutes. its for the few loose dimmers on the floor (a range where its not clear which dimmer is connected to which fixture) where a dmx test is most usefull. But using an empty universe with a 1-on-1 patch is an excellent idea, you just switch the dmx connector to test with highlight!
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    "None the less we do plan to implement this feature in the future"

    Hi Brad,
    its one year later now, still a chance it will be implemented?

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Hans..

    well the future still is lurking ahead and so is this feature... unfortunately I still do not have a timeline to tell you when it will be implemented.
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    I know I have just posted about this elsewhere, but I have now found this dedicated thread for this topic so felt obliged to post again with my little story.

    I have just opened a large show in a non English speaking country. Among having many moving lights, I also had over 200 dimmers in use, in a venue that had 400 dimmers available. Please imagine how time consuming not being able to quickly flash through dimmers was. Asking the local crew was difficult because of the language barrier. My DP8000 was rack mounted in the permanent operating position and I was at the production desk in the middle of the stalls connected by just ethernet, so quickly swapping DMX cables and patching a universe as 1 to 512 was not an option.

    This really is a major frustration for me and it has been almost 2 years since the comment above from Brad. Please could we have an update, and hopefully a timeline as to when this will be implemented.

    Many thanks

  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hi again,

    I expect this has got missed by whoever checks the forums at High End, so I thought i'd post again to bring it back to the top for another go!

    I'm still very keen to hear the official word on this. If it's never going to happen, then please at least say so.

    Same applies to the constant questions about the console lock feature.


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    Here's another vote for this feature to be implemented.

    I also deal with almost daily changes of venue, and so a lot of patching, checking house plots, etc.

    The DMX test function is really missed! I could do this on my Hog500 but not on Roadhog/Hog3 :-(

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