Virtual Faders and Hog3pc

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Hey Guys,

So I have had a nagging issue that keeps rearing its head and hoping I can get some clarification. So first let me describe the setup this way i can easily tell you the issue.

We have a Road Hog Full Boar and Expansion Wing Setup. We have a variety of different types of events we do, so we take use of pages for each type of event. So for example Corporate Events get their own page, Concerts get one and so on. So now we get to the problem. We have a Laptop Running Hog3pc for focusing and maintenance purposes. Often times i will want to grab a page that we use on the main console because i want to fire off a cue list that i know is on the first ten faders. The problem is the way the Virtual Faders behave is that by default everything is set to act as if it is up so when i go to that page everything that is on the expansion wing that is HTP or IPCB(which is most of my stuff) activates. I understand why this happens but not sure why it was designed this way. Why can the hog3pc take any control over a virtual fader which it actually has no way for the user to control.

So i know i can change the user pref for virtual faders so everything is down. This helps minimize the issue so random stuff isn't firing. But still isn't a real solution since it will still override a cue list that i may have up on my console but when i log into the pc or change pages it will override it to be down. So what i do now to help the issue is to just create separate pages just for use on PC so that the virtual faders will have nothing on them.

Still though this brings me to the question of why this interaction is so clunky and not obvious what is happening at first glance. A couple of different ways i think this could be addressed. One -- Provide Control over Virtual Faders somehow. Two -- Just Ignore Virtual Faders and Take no Action.

Also i think it would be nice if the hog3pc client would see the cue list fader values of other consoles connected so that when you logged in you didn't change a fader value on a already active cue list till you actually took a action to do so.

Hopefully that all made sense and wasn't to full of non-sense :dunce: . On almost hour 24 of work :1zhelp: any ways almost done. Thanks for the help!


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    Should be fairly easy. First thing are you logging in as a client (FB as Net Number 1, 3PC as Net Number 2 or something like that) or are you logging in as tracking backup (both have the same net number). That will allow you to see and control the faders as hey exist on the console.

    Secondly how do you have your page changes handled? Look at section 26.2.1 'Options when changing pages' in the manual. You may want to use leave in background.
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    I am logging in a client not a tracking backup. I hadn't thought about doing the tracking backup ill try that. Still seems inelegant the way it handles the virtual faders.

    All my page changes are set to Release All which is sadly the way it must stay for simplicity and making everything as idiot proof as possible.
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    Do you need fader control for each of the lists? What if you added another playback bar or two and keep the lists you absolutely needed set on those from a template page?
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