Quickest way to visualize Hog3 PC with either ESP or MSD??

LuminAireLuminAire Registered User
Last time I tried this was with Hog2 PC and the demo from Martin Show Designer. Was really easy: had both on the same computer but with dual monitors- Hog on one display, MSD on the other...All for free..

Why is this such a challenge to do now with Hog3? It appears MSD no longer has the demo available, and I've been trying to use ESP, but it seems a lot more complicated. Do I have to design a complete stage and add lights or should this already be 'fixed' (like MSD was)? There's a listing of fixtures in the ESP demo (VL5 m4, Cyberlight Litho m2, etc.) but after patching into the Hog, I get no response when trying to program.

I might just be missing a simple step somewhere? I did install the 'Wholehog Visualizer Connectivity Application' by the way...


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