Robe Robin 600 LEDwash - changing fixture type

bendalgleishbendalgleish Registered User
Hey all,

Have got some Robin 600 LEDwash's on a upcoming show which I would like to run in Mode 1 which has individual control over the three rings of LEDs. In the Hog you need to run this as a split fixture.

However later in the tour I might need to switch fixtures to Mac301s for one show.

I wanted to see if there was any work around or programming advice anyone could give me in regards to me being able to change fixture type in this situation.



  • swolfswolf Registered User
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    load the file from
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    swolf wrote: »
    load the file from

    sorry this has nothing to do with the question....

    as this way of cloning is a bit tricky i would suggest that you already put in some 301 or 600 (in mode 2), add them to you groups and pallets and also programm the cues with them

    you could clone the motion part of the 600 to the 301, but then you would lose all colour infos...
    or if you clone one of the color-zones you would loose your movement/beam infos....
    means some editing time

    the only way i can think of:

    create two or three user fixtures (depending) on the dmx-chart of the 301, so that you create your own 301 split fixture....
    so that you have 301 motion, 301 cell, 301 beam or whatever is needed
  • swolfswolf Registered User
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    your right. My mistake...
  • bendalgleishbendalgleish Registered User
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    Thanks MLorenz,

    Have found the inbuilt ring macros to be sufficient for this show, so will patch in another mode - but will keep your ideas in mind when I want total control!
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