Hog2 PC on Vista with Super widget.

StizzeStizze Registered User
Hi! Can anybody help me with running hog2pc on vista and super widget, i cant get it to work..



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    You'll need to provide a lot more information if you want us to help? What doesn't work?

    Can you start hog2PC and create a show?
    Does the widget show up in the Device Manager?
    Does the Add Hardware window come up when you plug it in?
  • StizzeStizze Registered User
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    Hi Eric!

    Thanks for answering.
    Yes i can start the hog2 and load a show, i can use a singel widget but when i plug in a super widget it cant find the drivers for it..

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    Newer widgets are not supported by the drivers that ship with 2PC. To get the updated drivers, you'll need to install Hog3PC. The 3PC drivers are backwards compatible with 2PC so once they're installed, you can use 2PC as you normally would.

    Try this:
    Unplug all of your widgets and reboot
    Install the latest version of Hog3PC
    Reboot again
    The next time you plug in your widget, the Add New Hardware wizard should be able to find the drivers for it.
  • TresLaserTresLaser Registered User
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    I need HOG2PCv2.6 to run with my widget it wont run with HOG3PC_ can someone help me
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    When raising a new topic, please create a new thread rather than resurrecting a thread that's been dead for over two years.

    You can download Hog2PC from the Hog2 support website.

    Is there some specific reason you need version 2.6? Chances are you'll want V3.4.3.160 instead. (I'm not even sure there was a version 2.6 of 2PC, but my memory could be wrong)
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    Thanks a lot
  • TresLaserTresLaser Registered User
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    i got it working now
  • angelangel Registered User
    I need help with software hog2pc I can not find it anywhere
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