copy cue to master ?

copy cue 1 to master ... doesn't work why...


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I am unsure exactly what you are trying to do. The syntax on the Wholehog 3 would be "Cue 1 Copy [choose]" and that functionality is working. It sounds like you are trying Wholehog 2 syntax where you give the action then the source then the destination. The Wholehog 3 uses source action destination as the syntax.

    Let me know if you need more information,
  • LOOP LIGHTLOOP LIGHT Registered User
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    correct used this syntax "Cue 1 Copy [choose]" when you do this with copying onto a empty list, it works but it is not possible to copy a cue from a existing list into a existing list...

  • LOOP LIGHTLOOP LIGHT Registered User
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    sure, copy to editor... but this is more the long way home...
  • DeRudDeRud Registered User
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    Hay Matt,

    OK do that: EX you have a cue 1 in List one and like to merge them into List 3 / cue 4

    Command Line Press please
    List1 / cue 1 / merge / List 3 / cue 4
    and it work

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Ah I see now. I have found bug #4925 which describes this problem. In fact in the bug Sam says:
    Cue X copy Choose does not work...
    It only works if you subsequently add the cue number and enter. However unlike the merge choose case it does not give the [/]. It should in fact just append the cue to the end of the list.

    This bug is currently targeted for the future....
  • dslodkidslodki Registered User
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    So the cue copy does work, but the syntax, List+w Cue+x Copy to List+y Cue+z seems a bit long. I have a 26 cue chase that now needs to run backwards, Cue 26 to Cue 1 and the only way I can run it backwards is with chase direction set to "down" and typing Goto 26 Enter when it's time for the chase. It only needs to run once, not continuously so I'd like to just copy it cue by cue to another cuelist in reverse order. (I think there are some bugs in the software I'm using (last build, not most recent but I can't change just now) because very few of the cuelist chase options seem to make much of a difference i.e. no auto-release at end, no stop at end, etc, just continuous running cuelist except for 'stop on first.')

    Instead, how about something like 'cue x (with cue x in Master 6) +Open, Record Choose (Master 5)' to record it in another cuelist. If I could do it like that I could just step back up the cuelist in Master 6 using the back softkey/button on the cue editor, like "Record+Choose (master 5), softkey back+record+choose, etc all the way up the list.
  • quinnquinn Registered User
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    so here's the trick.

    count the number of cues you have in your forward chase.
    you'll need that many whole cue numbers between the cues before and after your desired insertion point. if you're adding to the end of a list, throw in a blank cue and number it accordingly.

    then List 1 Cue 1 > 26 Copy To List 2 Cue 126 > 101
  • jthatcherjthatcher Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Does this change the tracking info? Would that invert?
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The information in the cue bodies will remain the same. This means that since the order of the cues is being reversed, the looks you see on stage may be different. You will need to correct for tracking problems yourself, or just make sure you block your cues before you do the copy. You can always unblock after you're done.
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