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Vos1983Vos1983 Registered User

For the last couple of weeks, i have several blue screens on my Roadhog,
if you restart the roadhog it wil happen again.

Most of the time we can solve the problem, to start up in the "save" mode.

The strange thing is that it also happend on my other Roadhog with the same show and software.

Is their someone with the same issues, en how can i fix this??

Both the roadhogs working on software version: 3.2.2


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    This typically indicates some kind of hardware problem. Make sure all of the fans are running properly and that the cooling vents are not obstructed. You can also open it up and make sure all the connections are properly seated.
  • Vos1983Vos1983 Registered User
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    I already tried that a couple of time to open it up and checked everthing.
    Also the fan's are running fine.

    Both desk are from myself so i taking really care of "them".

    But is it not strange that it happend on both of the roadhog desks ??
  • skierskier Registered User
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    I know this doesn't help much but my Roadhog occasionally does this. It will be fine for months then suddenly blue screens on boot up. If you ever get to the cause of it on your systems I would love to know.

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