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Is there a way to store a Macro W/O the first step being Recall View? Deleting that step every time is a drag.

Also, it feels like that because of the way Macros are processed that step timing and duration has to be a part of it? However, manually changing the step times and durations to have the Macro execute as fast as possible is also a drag. Is there a way to automate this?


  • XOP15XOP15 Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited February 2012
    is it possible to edit the playback time of a MACRO ?
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    The main reason we default to recalling the view in step one is because our keystroke macros are not contextual in terms of being aware which window activity you are doing but I can also see that for command line only keystroke sequences where window presses are not required that deleting the first step would be common. I will log an enhancement to make this an option.

    In terms of step duration and wait timing there are some interesting issues that come up when we start to just through zeros everywhere because certain activities take time to process and speeding up or rushing the keystrokes can often result in missed steps and missed button presses. I agree however that an option for the macros to execute as quickly as possible is desirable and I will log an enhancement for that as well.
  • stacherastachera Registered User
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    Thanks Chris.
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