Bug Report 3.2.2 b.3337 console lag

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V3.2.2 b3337
3 - Hog 3
1 - Hog PC
2 - X-Wings
2 - Mini wings
5 - DP8K
4 - DP2K in Art-Net mode
1 - Cisco Gigabit switch for all DP's
2 - Netgear Gigabit switch on the fiber uplink (2 consoles are running on separate fiber lines)
All consoles are running fixed IP addresses, and running servers and the same net number.

Issue - I'm noticing a large lag between button presses on the touch screens and them actually activating what I've touched. For example, touch a color pallet and it takes about half a second to 1 second for it to actually grab it.

I know that doesn't sound like a huge lag (1/2 second), but I record a series of cues very quickly and actually ran into a situation where the console was so far behind on recording to the cuelist it thought I was trying to record over certain pallets. Key press line is.....COLOR PALLET/RECORD/CHOOSE, repeat 100 times. I've done this sequence so many times over the years, so I've got it down to fly through it.

First thought is it's a lot of stuff on the network and that is causing the delay, so I took everything but one console, one X-wing, and the DP's offline (completely shut them down) and was still seeing the lag. I flushed the desk (shut it down and restarted it), this seemed to help some, but the lag is still very noticeable.

It definitely seems like it is on the console side. At the time I was doing there, there was not a huge number of fixtures in the programmer. Probably around 80 or so.


  • HillbillyHillbilly Registered User
    edited January 2012
    Update to this....

    I have found that the more consoles that sit on the network, the slower the consoles run. Even when I get it down to 2 consoles only, it still slows down quite noticeably.

    This is not just with programming, I've seen it with "GO" presses as well, though not as bad as when navigating around the console.
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