iPC Monitor / Lockup issue

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Seems that I am having some issues with my video card. Screens 1 and 3 decide they are either going black, or the image freezes. I replaced the right angle pci adapter. Are we guessing it's a damaged PCI port on the $1000+ motherboard or the video card itself? It's completely intermittent, though seems to be whenever it gets vibrated the wrong way or the right frequency comes across the sound system.

I'd prefer not the buy the motherboard and it not be the issue ..... thoughts?


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    Full Clean install after replacing the Right angle PCI adaptor and Graphics Card....
    Have you replaced the graphics card with exactly like for like?
    what is the third monitior ? a touchscreen or TFT?
    Can the console sit on foam to stop vibrations??

    just a few thoughts.
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    If something is loose mechanically, you should be able to find it. If you're comfortable working inside live electronics, open up the console, and press gently on each component you suspect may have a problem. If it is a mechanical issue, you may be able to narrow it down.

    If you think the PCI slot is bad, you can test the card in another slot (I believe all of the various iPC revisions have more than one PCI slot). You won't be able to reassemble it that way, but it may give you some useful information.
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    Eric. I have pretty much isolated it works in another slot. Just making sure I am not crazy. Stupid question, but is this a modified motherboard, or can I just order the same one I found on ebay and flash the bios?
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    In general, no. You might get lucky and find the exact right board revision that works with the console, but it's very hit-or-miss.
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