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I'm having an issue with a group of DL.3's I'm using for a project. 4 units, 2 are brand new, and 2 are 2 years old. I make a 2x2 college, and over time, the video timing skews. Fixture 1 is my upper left corner fixture (and the oldest) -- I have no sync to or sync type. On fixtures 2>4, I have sync to (1) and sync type graphic 1.

Why is the issue still happening? Network cables are attached and all fixtures are seen in CMA. Newest software release. Hog III, 3.1.9. Unmanaged network switch between them.


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    Here is a post that has some relevant information.

    Do your fixtures have different fixture id's?

    Having a setup que as described has always been helpful in keeping fixtures in sync.
    My menthod is tho have the relevant layers at 0 intentsity,and rewound in the mode settings in que 1 and then loop forward at full intensity in que 2.

    Best C
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    Hi Stephen,

    As Cormac pointed out, it's essential that all of the fixture ID's are unique.

    The biggest factor is content. Are you seeing this behavior with stock content or User Content? If it's user content, are you sure that it is encoded 100% correct?

    One thing you can do to make sure the Network Sync is actually going active:

    1) Set up your collage and network sync in the console

    2) On the global layer of any of the 3 'slave' DLs (in this case, fixtures 2 - 4) turn on the "On Screen Stats" (located under the "Control Mode" slot toolbar button)

    3) Toward the bottom of the On Screen Stats there will be an entry for "vid state". There will be a two letter designation for the state of each layer play back. "Rf" means running free, and is the normal state of a layer without any network sync. "Rs" means running sync'ed, and this is what you should see if the sync is set up properly.

    If you are seeing "Rf", I'd be happy to help troubleshoot why the sync isn't turning on.

    Hope this helps,
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    They are all using uniquie IDs .. (I have had it work successfully before) -- Next gig I will try and check it out using the on stats.
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