"Fan outlet A Low" error

AruvinAruvin Registered User
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need help urgently,

having the above error msg causing my DML lamp to shut down.

can anyone tell me whats the cause or how to get it solve? can i replace the fan (where is it?)



  • Abbe RPM Digital LightingAbbe RPM Digital Lighting Registered User
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    Hi Erwin,

    This is the big fan in the back of the head indicating that the fan is not spinning fast enough.
    Check the fan behind the lamps that it is rotating.
  • AruvinAruvin Registered User
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    Hi Abbe,

    thx for the pointer. will try to swop the fan unit and see if it works.

    I got another unit giving out error msg as per the attach when i select MP input. What should I do about it.

    Thx alot.
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    That message means that the Axon cannot find it's hard drive. If you have any USB devices plugged into the Axon (flash drives, etc) please remove them and also check the hard drive connections on the drive itself and the motherboard. Then try rebooting the server.
  • AruvinAruvin Registered User
    edited July 2011
    Hi Matt,

    Thx. Yes, the harddisk cable is not plug in...:friday:
  • fkmfkm Registered User
    Want to ask that have the fan outlet A low message. If the fan didn't rotate when check it. Is it possible for the fan error or the PCB for the fan? And what is the voltage for the fan?
    Thanks a lot.
  • I believe this error is specific to one of the fans on the Power Box This is in the head of the fixture, the main power box where the fan control board is located. (the one with all the connections)

    This error comes from one of the following:
    Disconnected wire
    Blocked fan
    Damaged wire
    Fan end of life
    Error on fan control board
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