waiting for 3.2.1 ... or is it a win7 problem

maikelmaikel Registered User
hi there

i can´t open a new show
... and the show folder is lost

-> anyone get the 3.2 runnig on win7 ?

my system is a paralel win7 / mac user

wkr Maikel


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    The issue that you are experiencing stems from the new file browser system in 3.2.0 not being fully compatable with the way we did things in 3.1.9 where launching shows into non-show folder directories was allowed.

    The least invasive and easiest solution to get your system up and running is to re-install 3.1.9, launch a new show in the shows folder, quit Hog3PC, reinstall 3.2.0, and then you should be good to go.

    Also, please be sure to try and give a little bit better summary of the actual problem you are experiencing when writing titles for new threads. When we solve problems like this it is much easier to find and reference forum postings that are titled with a good description of the original problem.

    Feel free to also use the 3.2.X forums as well for issue directly related to 3.2.0 items.
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    There is also a sometimes a problem in Fusion and Parallels with the file sharing between Mac and Windows. Both of these programs do some slightly odd things to the windows file system pertaining to permissions that negatively impacts the Hog3PC installer.

    You can try this...

    -Turn off all file sharing (in the Parallels Preferences) between Mac and Win
    -Do a fresh install of Hog3PC
    -Start a new show

    If this works, you should then be able to turn all of your file sharing back on.

  • maikelmaikel Registered User
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    yep tx phil

    now it rolls

    keep rollig chris

    thank you for quick reply

    wkr Maikel
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