3.1.7. Desk freeze after moving cuelists

ottotottot Registered User
Wholehog III 3.1.7 (2826)
Luminex Gigaswitch

Hi, i had my console freezed up completely few days ago.
Just before the show i deleted cuelist from fader 10 and moved all my remaining nine lists one
step backwards on the submasters, that i could have grand master free to use. Few minutes after
that whole console frozes and every cuelist on my submaster are activated and at full.
I did hard reset to the console and loaded that same showfile. And again, after few minutes that
same problem showed up. Second reboot and i loaded backup which i had saved earlier that day and
everything worked fine after that.

Is possible that just moving those cuelists on submasters could have caused this freeze?
Has there been any known issues?


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    Do you know exactly when the problem occurred? Did it happen when you played a specific cue or a certain effect? Do you still have a copy of the showfile that gave you the trouble?

    Try running the corrupt show under 3.1.9. If the problem still occurs then send the show into support. They can take a look at it to see what happened.
  • stevejardenstevejarden Registered User
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    Did you have any macros in any cues of the masters that you shifted? e.g Go Master 2 in a cue on which was your Master 1. when this cue is played if shifted to master 2 this will freeze the console every time.

    I've seen many people get stuck on this one including myself.
  • ottotottot Registered User
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    I finally had time to update my console to 3.1.9 and same show freezing happens when
    i try to run moved cuelist which has comment macro. Thanks for the tip Steve.
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