Trackspot tilt issues

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Hi all,

I am currently using a Martin Freekie controller with 4 trackspots in total.

Two of the lights respond without issue to the controller. They're from approx 1996.

The other two are from circa September 2000 that are having issues with tilting under certain conditions. I can manipulate the lights without issue with my controller and they pan and tilt perfectly smoothly. No chatter in the movement or anything else. But:
  • if I use my controller's joystick to manipulate a scene, the lights will only pan and will not tilt, so I only have one axis of motion.
  • if I set have the controller run the lights through a chase with a long fade time (3.6 seconds from scene to scene), the newer lights jump from scene to scene and the older lights flow smoothly from scene to scene. it's really weird.
  • even weirder is that if I set one of the newer trackspots to the same dmx address and one of the older ones, it behaves properly - responds to joystick and moves as intended with longer fade times

Anyone have an idea of what's going on?



  • trackspotfantrackspotfan Registered User
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    I'm wondering if this has something to do with MSpeed? like, is the fixture somehow mapping mspeed value of 100% (0.15 sec) to tilt and applying manually adjusted fade time to the tilt?
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