DMX Stops when Software is Closed

altonomusaltonomus Registered User
I am trying to install a Doug Fleenor Pre-10A in an auditorium.

The Pre-10A takes a snapshot of DMX values coming in and stores them in 10 Pre-Sets. I would like to use this so I can shut down my Hog 3 PC software and still be able to turn on house lights for cleaning/maintenance in the room. The Pre-10A only activates when DMX is not present. The Widget however seems to be outputting DMX even when the software is closed.

Is there a setting to disable this feature?


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    That is the dmx 5hz keep alive built into the widget firmware. I would leave Hog3PC running and just unplug the dmx line to the widget or unplug USB from the widget.
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    All Hog DMX outputs send a 2 Hz keepalive when you log off from a show. If you need DMX output to stop you can remove power from the widget.
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