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Ok...I know it's not lighting related, but sitting here doing this corporate show, I figured something that would be extremely useful (especially to corporate shows).

A stopwatch (or countdown) window that can be triggered by comment macros. Video has roll-ins built into Power Point...they can give me TRT, but not necessarily a count out. Would be nice to start a stop watch window so that I know when we are coming out.

Needed? Not really. Would it be cool for operators? Possibly.

Just a thought...


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    I've used the "Simulate Timecode" toolbar as an ersatz stopwatch on occasion.
  • sandersander Registered User
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    When I need stopwatch, I make a cuelist with two empty cues. The second one I give a wait time, for example 1 minute. You can give the cuelist a separate go, or fire it with a macro comment in a cue in your main cuelist. (you can do something with a recall view macro comment, and the timer pops up, etc.)

    hope it helps,
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    Indeed stopwatch would be nice. With proper big numbers, scalable maybe.

    I´m not so keen in workarounds, then I can use stopwatch app in phone or a real stopwatch...
  • sandersander Registered User
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    +1 for an integrated stopwatch.
    But with this workaround you do not need two hands, and with the comment macros, you do not have to think about starting the stopwatch, or what should happen when the stopwatch stops...
    I used this a lot during shows and my colleagues on stage and behind other desks and myself, love the way the timer is working, and the information about timing I can give them.
    By the by every way to get a timer implemented will give you some programming things.

    with regards,
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