Hog 3pc V 3.1.9 CRASH.

JlitterioJlitterio Registered User
I am running Hog3pc of a IBM THink pad. I have ran it for a few days with no problem. Today I go to Load my show and as the server is loading I get a Pallet 7 ID is invalid.... And the computer goes haywire. Tried restarting and no luck there. It will lock up the computer and has given me a blue screen of death twice now. I am transfering the show files over to a jump drive to see if I can load it onto my personal computer and give it a whirl. It is extremly important to get this up and running seeing it is for a Tour that I am currently on. Any help will be appreciated.

[ IBM THinkpad, Intell pentium M processor 1.58 GHz, 598MHz 1GB RAM, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP3. Attached Playback wing, Programmer Wing, Superwiget]

Let me know of more information I could send.


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited May 2011
    The palette ID 7 is invalid issue and the BSOD are probably unrelated but we should be able to help you with the Palette ID issue. Do you have an earlier backup of the show that will load?

    You can send me your show file using https://highend.wetransfer.com/ and sending it to chris.muenchow at barco.com.
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