Controlling a DL1 with a JANDS 416

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Hi all
This might be a bit old school but I was wondering if I can control a DL1 with a JANDS 416 and if so are there any limitations. Thanks in advance


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    you can control it with anything that will spit out DMX.

    The only control a DL1 needs is quite simple anyway, movement, iris, focus, zoom, and control channel (there may be an mspeed parameter in there too)
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    Below is the DMX channel function, if that is helpful.
    Channel Function
    1 Pan Course
    2 Pan Fine
    3 Tilt Course
    4 Tilt Fine
    5 Iris/Shutter
    6 Focus
    7 Zoom
    8 MSpeed
    9 Macro
    10 Control
    11 Input Source Select

    Hope this helps,
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    If you need the DMX Protocol,

    It can be found in the user manual; page 4-7.
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    Thanks heaps Sandals512 for the reply, very helpful. Thanks also p_ hancock for the protocol . very useful
    I very much appreciate your help... I haven't used the DL1's before but it seems they will be perfect for the Job. It is a three day world music Carnival in October in Australia... Now I just have to find out the image blending capabilities of 4 DL1's on a 130 degree Cyc.. if any one has any knowledge on image blending that would also be a great help.
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    Any edge blending is going to be dependent on the media server or content source used to feed the DL.1 fixtures. The DL.1 does not have a media server on-board.

    It sounds like you may be needing to take a look at the the DL.2 or DL.3, unless you are driving the DL.1 with external media servers.

    Have a look at the Collage Generator Information at the link below. But again, these are for DL.2 or DL.3 only.

    Hope this helps,
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