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So I thought I would update you all on my problems that you helped out with! First off all my X-spot problems were fuses and stepper motors... So I bypassed the fuses, replaced some old ones and then cannibalized one fixture (which now has 3 bad motors) to fix my other three... I still have one that makes a wrrrrrrring noise when it moves quickly, but it still hits its mark every time, so no big deal...

The MAC I had the prism problem with was a stepper motor, but man I hate Martin, that motor is the hardest one I have ever had to replace... In fact it ended up being easier to take the motor apart and move the internal components from one motor case to the other instead of pulling the whole motor... How dumb is that?

All my LPS and MPS issues on my Studio Commands were fuses, so when I took the LPS apart, all I had to do was replace the fuses... I had an MPS fail and it was just a fuse also... So I have been lucky in that regard...

My Studio Color issues were just lamps and one fuse... So no biggie there...

I got the personalities fixed on my Color 250's!!!

All I have now is a MAC 300 that is REALLY messed up, an X-Spot that needs 3 stepper motors, and a Studio Spot 250 that I have to home every time I start up the console for its color wheel to find home (Maybe just dusty inside?)...

The MA is okay... But I miss my Hog...

In other news, the church has decided in its infinate wisdom, to hire the son of the membership pastor (fresh off a cruise ship and 6 months out of school, with zero live programming experience and unable to repair conventional or moving lights) to replace me... But oh well... So goes life in the church sector!

Thanks guys for all your help!


PS I HATE Backpack dimmers!!!!!


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    Martin prism motor is easy. Try replacing an X-spot tilt motor. Unfortuately I know how the church thing goes all to well. One guy who is always trying to save them money, another blowing a bunch of money, and using his own company to do half a$$ installs. What does he do, guy who owns the company fires the other guy. I really dont understand church politcs. Often i have fixed homing problems by wiping the sensors off with a q-tip soaked in alchol. I'm supprised that you have some bad x-spot motors. Are you sure the motors are locked up, and its not some bad driver chips, that just freeze up the motors when you apply power to them?
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    I'm supprised that you have some bad x-spot motors.

    Really?... Do you have some bulletproof ones?:confused: :p
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    nope, i just havent seen any go bad.... YET LOL.
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    I am with puffy with this one (as usual)
    X spots motors definetly go bad, just as fast or slow as any other fixture,
    I have replaced loads of them.
    Including several tilt motors.
    Joshua Wood
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    bro I feel your pain with church world
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