cuelist playback on start up

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I use a Roadhog Full Boar at a nightclub that does walk through's for future corp. clients on a regular basis. I'd like to know if a particular cue list can be assigned to play back on start up? So the club representative can turn on breaker and turn on console and have "walk thru" look come up automatcally.


  • sandersander Registered User
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    hi todd,

    this can be done quit easilly, in the controlpanel-window you can point to a certain showfile under the tab ´autolaunch´ (try the delay time, some machines need some more time to fire), done this, the next step is to assign a startup macro (user preferences, misc), where you can load a page, view, assign a chooser and fire a specified que from a list.

    hope this helps,
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