Wierd Dmx glitch... possibly blackberry related!

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Had a roadhog FB and wing on a show in holland recently driving 3 dmx outputs from internal dp / dmx widget. During preshow one lx of lights glitched dmx completely as in the fixtures (4 x mac 2k spot) all went from a position on the deck to pointing straight down and then went back a second later. During show this happended again but on a different electric, the dmx to both these electrics was from the same universe and was buffered. Next all the chooses buttons went blue , the pause buttons went from red to unlit then the console buttons went dark. The wing didnt do this , the touch screens were still active as were the faders. The only thing i could attribute all this to was a blackberry left by the stage dircector on the ups to the right of the desk (near the dmx output) i grabbed it and moved it away from the desk, it had just got a text message! Once away the desk continued working for the rest of the show and all was well no glitches or anything else, i kept all phones away from desk for next two shows nand once again no issues. The desk was run off a APC ups so it wasnt dodgy power. I know of other desks that have serious issues if u leave a phone near them, has anyone else seen this before, is it a possible "phantom" bug that has been screwing up other peoples shows when in actual fact it was their phones effect on the desk or is this coincidence?


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    There have been other posts (on the LN too) about similar experiences.

    This is really nothing new.
    Handheld radios have long been known to cause problems when keyed up next to gear.
    Phones are similar to radios.

    What is deceiving about phones is they can vary their output power.

    If you have 5 bars then your output is low and may be fine being next to the console/DMX.

    At 1 to no bars you are at the full 600mw output and now you may have problems.
    Rule of thumb, keep 'em in your back pocket.

    Good to hear everything recovered well and ran well.
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    We had a similar problem. Whenever the blackberry my tech owned checked with the blackberry server, our Hog 3 would crash. Keeping the blackberry away from the front panel of the Hog solved the issue, and we have not had it happen again.
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    See my comments in this thread:
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