how to find .... tracking sheet Hog3

Hans BHans B Registered User
How can i find out in witch cue the value of a deskchannel is changend?
Specially in a long cuelist, theater style, with about 250 cues.
Do i have to run through all those cues, staring on the screen?



  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited November 2010
    There's no tracking sheet in H3...yet. But, using Sources button in Output window or Cue Editor window helps a bit.
  • sandersander Registered User
    edited November 2010
    héhoi hans,

    this is a really annoying thing, and using sources is not an option, especially when you are using blocking cues (still not implemented, so you have to use a 'copy state' for these kind of cues...). it helps a little bit, but untill now you have to look a long time towards a screen to find out that one channel isn't used anymore...i wish those are on target for the next promising update.

    groet and regards,
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