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Hi all,

I'm still learning the Hog 3 pc. I'm used to make cues for color chase like odd lights red and even lights blue and change this at the beat or time. This in combination with shutter cues (odd on, even off, ...) . Problem with the Hog3PC when I want to do this I set the color chases to release on other go so I can change the colors but when I start an shutter chase the color chase stops.

A'm I programming this wrong or how can I do this?

Already many thanks


  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited November 2010
    You may have touched the color parameters when making your shutter chase.

    Use View Cue in the cuelist window and see if color params are in there.

    If so, either re-record them or edit them out using this view window.
    Make sure to close the View Cue window when you are done.
  • de_mtsde_mts Registered User
    edited November 2010
    I'll check that later when I have the time.
    But the problem is that I want to release the color cue when an other color cue is activated and the same for the shutter cues. But when a color cue is active and I activate a shutter cue, the color cue must stay active.

    So is it possible to group cues in example a group for color cues and a group for shutter cues? I'm used to do this in the LJ Manager from Martin. Or must it be done in an other way?
  • auroraaurora Registered User
    edited June 2011
    if it's in the same cue list it should work if you have track thro loops on, and don't recored the cues as state
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