LTC Timecode Widget Difficulties

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Hey all,
I'm wondering, as I am working with the sound playback team once again to get the timecode to show up in the console, if anyone else has difficulties running timecode to the USB widget . I have plenty of experience working with timecode, but it always seems like it's trouble getting the console to read the timecode. It's like this whether it's on a PC laptop running HogPC or on a Wholehog 3 console.

Currently I am running v.3.1.5 (which I just recently successfully used with timecode to drive a cuelist), the timecode widget is showing up in the system info, and the red link light is flashing every second or so. Everything is configured correctly but there's no sign of the code when either I play the track with the timecode on the right channel from my laptop into phono to XLR connector or when the sound man cues it up through his mixer.

So my questions are this, what is the ideal setup TO the board for timecode...which channel, left or right? Does it matter? What are the ideal gain settings for the timecode, what is the ideal frame rate? It seems like there is always a lot of headscratching before all of a sudden, seemingly magically, the numbers go skating along like ice on a stick of butter. Anyone who wants to share their experiences, come on...


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    Hi there

    I've had similar problems at the start off my current tour.

    I wish there where some magical soloution.

    1. Try to gain up and down.

    2. Make sure that is actually is SMTPE coming out. (Had a friend of mine give me a 5 hour code - Which turned out didn't work on any system)

    3. Maybe your widget is broken?
    Mine was, as your's showing correctly diodes - But apparently was broken.

    Good luck
  • spcentralspcentral Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I have always had pretty good luck getting the timecode to work on all of my show I have used my LTC widget.

    The first show I had ever used timecode we had to get it out of a video device with a BNC output. When we talked to our local cable termination shop, they told us that the proper adapter would be to make pin 3 Hot. We did this, and the timecode worked like a charm. Since that time, we keep that adapter in a special place so whenever we need to timecode a sequence, we know exactly where it is.
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    Thanks Matt.
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