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haven't found this anywhere on the forums. looking at controlling HOG3PC with Digi VENUE console. I am aware the VENUE does NOT output MSC, but am looking at the MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus for conversion to MSC.

My question: Is there a generic "GO" and "HALT/BACK" MSC command for HOG? I want to be able to simply send a "go" or "back" command from VENUE without having to specify a list/cue number. Otherwise, i'd have to do a LOT of programming in the Event Processor and the VENUE snapshots.

Thanks for any help,

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    Hi Nathan,

    If you do not specify a cuelist via MSC then the GO command is applied to the current chosen master. If you do not specify a cue number then the GO command is taken as GO NEXT (on the specified or chosen master)

    So if your MSC command does not include a cuelist and cue number, then you will be sending a GO command to the chosen master.
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    You can also use the Digi Venue GPIO to trigger the Midi Solutions box. Works great for us (except we trigger a Cueserver instead of a Midi Solutions box).


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    Thanks guys, that helps. I'll try that.
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