Widget is Killing me!!

twveachtwveach Registered User
windows XP 32 bit, HOG Widget, HOG widget only has a red light next to link that stays lit and flashes every now and then. ive got 1 dimmer pack pluged into this thing addressed at 1 ive got one desk channel as a dimmer pack and a par light pluged into the dimmer...pretty much doing a signal test simple as it gets....and i got nothing. As you are probly guessing I know close to nothing about HOG (dont you just love those guys that buy this stuff and cant use it? yeah thats me) "In the patch area or something close to it" it says my DP is found and running but im using a widget but the screen says DP8000. Please tell me how to turn on and off a single light with this little widget that is about to go out the window. and ill go ahead and add my own appropriate smiley.:rtfm:


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited April 2010
    * Patch some fixtures, dimmers or what else you use
    * Go to Network (Setup -> Network), click on the DP8000 #1 (which is the internal virtual DP)
    * Click on Settings -> Widget Outputs
    * Choose the Universe you have patched your fixtures to, and then select your widget
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