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Hi Guys,

This may seem a bit of an odd question, but I am wondering how far Hognet will travel before it needs to be boosted/buffered etc?

The short of it is that I have an incredibly long run of it to do which is well over 100M.

The venue is Earls Court 1. For anyone who knows it, we are taking Hognet from the 'centre' of EC1, running it to 'stage end', then going up past the balcony to the tiered seating level, then back across again to the centre of the Mother Grid (at full height). Possibly, most likely a few zigzags on the way. Sadly we can't 'drop' the cabling, which is really annoying!! Also, due to the nature of an Earls Court gig, we have one shot at doing this, theres no time to re-run a cable or look to alternatives of it goes wrong.

Obviously, if this was a gig we could be more rock n roll about how we do things.......but its an exhibition, and we have to run things in line with the 150 other stands etc - which is through floors, up walls etc etc

We are doing a Site Visit on Monday, to get an exact idea of sizes, but wondered if anyone could advise me on 'throw' etc?

Sorry, not a usual one for me. My typical experience is running 100M from FOH to Dimmers.



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    Standard 100Base-T Ethernet has a 100 meter limit. After that you need to have an Ethernet Switch inline to create a new link.

    To go farther than 100 meter with a single link would require using fiber.
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