recording desk channels to playbacks via pallets

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Im carrying movers and a roadhog with wing. I use the house conventional lighing. I record the conventional lighting to group pallets. I then use the group pallets to record the desk channels to my playbacks. when i get to the next show I update the pallets with the new deskchannels. my problem is that the the playbacks are not updating. I still have to re-record or edit all my playbacks. what am i doing wrong? is there a differnt directory i should be using for desk channels ?



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    Groups are not really palettes in the sense that they stay linked. Can you just keep your groups and desk channels the same and do this in patch, ie patch in the new dimmers at each venue to the existing desk channels in all of your groups and cues?

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    Groups are not palettes. Palettes are references to parameter data that are stored in cues. Groups are simply fixture selections that can be recalled.

    In your situation, I suggest that you assign specific desk channels to your usual purpose (FOH wash, Backlight) and then patch accordingly as you arrive at each venue. So for day 1 you might have the FOH wash with dimmers 21,37, and 42 and on day 2 you have dimmers 100,101, and 103. The fixture number for the FOH wash will always be the same, thus your playback controls will always work. You will just need to change the patch information to match the day's rig.
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    yeah, thats what i was afraid of. thats the way iv seen hog2 users do it. i thought there might be a simpler way. updating a pallete would be so much faster then changing the patch. if i had the same convetional rig every show it wouldn't be so bad, but i go from 12k one day to 120+ the next. i guess i just need to quit being so lazy, lol.

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    I had a ballet show out during the winter that I had this issue with. We always used the venues FOH fixtures and sometimes their cyc and booms as well. The show was programed with amber, blue and lav cyc lights for the for arguments sake these were fixtures 601-605, 611-615 and 621-625. The first time I came across an RGB I added some fixtures to the show 701-705, 711-715 and 721-725 and touched up all the cyc looks took match as close as possible with the new colors. This made it real easy to go back and forth between the show cyc lights and house cyc lights. The cues had a double set of fixtures acting as cyc lights but only one set would be patched at each venue. I later made a another set of fixtures for RGBA in the 800 number series.

    To make matters as easy as possible I feed the house racks from a separate universe. After FOH was set up I unpatched that whole universe and started from scratch. I made a cheat sheet that reminded me of all the different channel numbers and I never found it to be that much work.
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