Hog Net over the internet

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I'm looking at connecting Hog pc as a client to a hog 3 over the internet. This would be for remote show maintenance.

Would I be right in thinking I can simply do this using a VPN connection to join the two networks?

I'm also interested as to whether this will work efficiently using 3g Dongles.

Any past experiences or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks



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    The Hog3 based consoles make heavy use of IP Multicast. Routing multicast over the public internet or a VPN is notoriously difficult and some VPN solutions don't even support multicast at all. Further, to get a reliable connection to a Hognet system, you need a relatively low latency network, which is hard to achieve over the internet.

    Your better bet is to leave a Hog3PC system at the show site, and connected to that system remotely using something like VNC or Remote Desktop.
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