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I recently got a computer back from repair and installed it in one of my DL3. I hooked the DL back into the network and I cannot see it in CMA. I have full control of the light from my console and I can see all my other DL3s. I am running the latest software for CMA that came out in November. Any ideas at what to look at.


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    When you reinstalled the computer did you plug the ethernet back in? It might be worth checking.
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    So an update. When I plug a computer with CMA on it directly into the fixture I will see it in CMA with IP address start with 169.X.X.X but when I go through our artnet system it will not show up and the fixture is showing a valid IP address of 2.1.1.X
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    You probably have a DHCP server somewhere on your network handing out 2.x.x.x addresses. Is your CMA computer setup to get an address from DHCP?
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    The Normal Computer is set to a IP address but I have also used another computer to obtain an IP address and it is given a similar IP address the the DL3s. I have 12 DL3s on my system and I can see the other 11 on CMA with the exception of the one.
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    Hi Chuck,

    There was a connectivity issue that came up due to a BETA build of software we sent out at one time. If that BETA build was loaded on the computer at any point, even if it is now on a different build of software, it can cause issues like you are seeing.

    Basically, what happens is any time the unit runs on an auto-ip network (IP address of 169.254.x.x) the CMA connectivity will work fine. However, if the unit is run on a DHCP network, you will not see it in the CMA. This sounds pretty much like what you are seeing.

    The fix, as strange as it is, is to plug the unit into a network that has an active internet connection and reboot the unit. Once it has booted, it should be fine to run under auto-ip again. It sounds strange, but it works.

    We have a short write up on our website that details the problem here:


    The article is written pertaining to Axons, but it affects the DL fixtures in the same way.

    Give this a try, and let us know if you are still having issues after that.

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    I have never put beta software on any of my DL3s and the one not working is one that I recently received back from HES for repair.
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