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I would like to have a DMX test or search function like the MA.. on one off the wheels if possible.

It would be nice to run trough all channels on a DMX univers with a default highlight!

Right now i'm patching from dimmer start and.. maybe 100 channels forward... high-lightíng..them and merging into groups..

Maybe there is a easyer way to do this allready, but this is the way I do it without having at patch plan.

Any ideas ?

Merry Christmas
Johnny :hogsign:


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2009
    Hi Johnny,

    This is currently logged as bug #4098 in our request system. We understand the importance of this often requested feature. I have added your comments to the request thread.

    Happy Holidays,
  • Registered User
    edited December 2009
    Hi Brad


    it is possible to gain insight into what has been added to your system for future improvements?

    A list off stuff :-)

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2009
    Hi Johnny,

    Due to the competitive nature of the console business, we like to keep our wish list private. If we were to publish all that we plan to do and when we plan to do it, there could be severe consequences.

    However you can read about many of the user suggestions on this forum. Of course as items are implemented they are always listed in the release notes, which are published with the software release.

    thanks for your understanding,
  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited February 2010
    It could be a great thing to have a path via 3 wheels :

    First wheel: DP selection (1 thru ...)
    Second wheel : DMX Universe selection (1 thru 16)
    Third wheel DMX adresse selection (0 thru 512 0= unpatch)

    With the highlight ON when good adresses are selected the fixture would be highlighted.

    It could also be a fast way to find and patch fixtures when we do not some adresses.
  • aoudinaoudin Registered User
    edited February 2010
    Hi every body,yes this fonction is forget at this moment,we need it,it's terrible to find channel when we haven't got a really good power syplie man for the patch,the idea of stephlight is really good :) MORE 1
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