F100 fog machine possibly clogged

jpeikertjpeikert Registered User
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I have an older F100 with very little use. it has been in storage for 4-5 years. the pump works, and the heater seems to work, but not getting anything threw the heater. it acts like it is clogged up. i tried compressed air through the heater, and got very very little air out the other end. is there any other options to unclogg or will i have to purchase a new heater ?

Thanks, Josh


  • Blake HBlake H Registered User
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    I have the exact problem with a F100 that is continually showing up at my shop.
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Are they missing the filter on the end of the hose in the tank? If it's missing crap gets in and blocks the core.

    I have used a guitar string a few times to unclog them, this does not always work.:dunno:
  • jpeikertjpeikert Registered User
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    yes, actually it is missing the filter. I bought a new heater block and now i have perfect working f100. i will get a filter asap. thanks

  • elaydabrianelaydabrian Registered User
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    Have you tried pumping in water and a bit of distilled vinegar? I have the same issues with my 3 f100's...its a total bumber when this happens. Try to direct power into the pump while the block is hot (direct full power to block as well) so it pumps at full power,while pumping in vinegar and water.
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