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Hey everyone,
I've been experimenting with a macro and I can't seem to get it to work. Basically I want to do this:
at the end of a cuelist on page 1 I want a macro that will run at the end of the cuelist that will go to the next page, release the current cuelist on fader 16 and press Go on the cuelist of fader 16 on the next page. all of my fade times will make it work nicely. but the problem is it will get me to the next page and stop.

any ideas?


  • quinnquinn Registered User
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    i would guess that your macro sequence is stopping after the first instruction because the subsequent instructions don't have their Wait set to Follow.

    if your macro cues are at the end of the actual cuelist that you're intending to release (as opposed to being in a separate list, in the Macros Directory), then you may be seeing the macro sequence stopping after the release instruction, because when a list is released it stops taking follow cues, even if they're macro cues.

    personally, i'd approach with a Comment Macro: add one blank cue to the end of your list and put into the comment box:

    do know that you can "Learn" your desired actions into a macro, and then open it to view the steps that were recorded to get an idea of how macro cues work.
  • just-lightsjust-lights Registered User
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    Me too doing such things with comment macros like quinn described.
    But there is another way you can handle it.

    Do you use in the control panel the option "Page holdover if active" , or have you switched that off?

    When "Page holdover if active" is off
    your cues from the page you left would be released when you change the page.
    to start the cue you want (in your case fader 16) on the incoming page, make that page as an "save Activity" Page.

    to do that: go to the incoming page (in your case page 2)
    and give your cuelist (fader 16) a GO!
    then go to the "page directory" and hit "save Activity".
    An "A" comes to the upper right corner of the Page 2 control button.
    now your cue on fader 16 starts automatically when the page 2 becomes activ, no matter which page you were before.
  • ChanneldaveChanneldave Registered User
    edited November 2009
    I always wondered what 'save activity' was for. The only problem with that is that I have my downstage specials on master 1, and I don't want that released.
    Now I'm thinking that I could just put my comment macros on a different master which could be triggered from the master I want released. This would work with 'page hold over' because it would be held over during the page change. Or better yet, I could keep these comment macros on a Virtual Master. this was I could have one Virtual Master that would be triggered at the end of each song to go to the next page, release the current master and press play on the next.
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