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Hey everyone. I'm doing a tour again this year with a Hog 1k (last year was a hog 500) we're using different fixtures but I want to keep the same song structure in my cue lists. I'm wondering if I can just merge the cue lists from last years show disk. are there any problems that will create? or will it do just what I want it to do: merge just the cue lists for the songs I want keeping just the cue numbers and timing.

I am also looking for information/tips on using the menus for cue lists. the manual doesn't talk about it and I haven't found much online anywhere.
Is there a way to organize which cues appear in each menu? for example if I want menu 1 to be color for my movers and menu 2 to be gobos for the movers, menu 3 to be position etc. is that possible?


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    you can merge complete cuelists or single cues, but not only cuenumbers and timing.
    you have to merge the complete cuelists and than edit like follow:
    leave the fixtures from last year as they are, just patch them on unused channels/universe
    patch your new fixtures from this year show as you need to ,
    add / progam the new fixtures into your merged cuelists as you need to.
    you dont have to delete the old fixtures from last year because they were patched to "nothing"
    so it doesn`t matter to leave them in your cues.

    you can arrange your menus as you like.
    take a look at the usermanual page 81 :
    Customizing the Console >> Menus

    Note: you can have cuelists on the menue buttons !! like the HOG2 console on the touchscreen. known as Virtual Masters (VM) with 100% value at the intensity channel !!
    great for busking!!
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    Thanks! that will definitely help with merging the shows.

    I think I was not clear what I want to do with the menus. I know you can use the menus for cuelists, and I know how to move the menus around.
    What I am looking to do is make all 4 sections of the menu to playback Virtual masters. But I want section 1 to be my position VMs, section 2 to be color VM, section 3 to be beam looks.
    My question is how do I keep them separated like that? Is there a way to structure them in the master cuelist page? I want to use them for busking, where each new color list will stomp the last.

    For example; if I assign all 4 menus to cuelists does menu 1 have lists 1-160 (16 buttons x 10 pages) and menu 2 starts at 161 etc?

    I don't have the console in front of me, but I seem to remember trying this, and all 4 menus displayed the same first 16 lists. I'll be on the console again tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help!

    *edit* Also, if I leave those fixtures unpatched, does that take up a lot of disk space? can I delete them completely after everything is finished?
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    ahh, ok now i know what you want to do; the same thing i always do on busking shows.

    You have only 10 pages at all on the menu bank, not 10 pages for each group of 16 buttons when you define them as cuelist-banks.
    so you can use "just" 160 Cues as VM`s.
    the first 160 Cuelist`s of the cuelistdirectory are accessed to the menu banks.

    All of the four "16Button Banks" can have page 1 thru 10
    so you have to take care on which page you are
    (because you have no pagecounter were you can see on which page you are)

    the second confusing thing is, that the button led`s just work on the palettes like color, beam, position and group but NOT on cuelist- and macro-menus.

    i always assign the button no.16 with a empty cuelist with just a comment macro in it, that says:release cuelists 1 to 16
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    Yeah, I knew about the LEDs not working, but that's not really necessary for how I want to use it.
    That's too bad about the 160 list limit. So you're saying that if I wanted to use lists 1-16 for color, and lists 17-32 for beam looks. I just set the menu to 'cuelists' and page down once on the second set of 16 buttons, right?
    How do you do position busking? I've been using a master with one cue for every position. I use 'choose + goto + cue number' after I dial in the 'single cue timing' with 'choose + wheel 1' .
    I wanted to also use the menus for position lists too, but with that limit it won't really work.
    I could use the position palettes in the menus, but I don't want to use the programmer because then I can't use movement effects from the masters.

    any thoughts?
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    position cuelists i do like this:

    cuelists with no moveeffects, just positioning:
    first cue: all fixtures of a group set to a position, timing slow
    second cue: same as the first cue, but timing fast.

    so when the band is playing a slow song i hit that cuelist button once!
    if they play a fast song i hit that button twice!

    cuelists includes moveeffects from the effects engine:
    first cue: all fixtures of a group set to a position, timing slow/mid choose a desired effect from the effectsengine ,but with size set to 0 (zero)
    second cue:same effect as above but size set to the desired level , timing of the moveeffects slow
    third cue: same as the second cue, but timing of the movement and the moveeffects fast.

    slow song>> hit the button once if you dont want the moveeffect
    >> hit the button twice if you want the moveeffect
    fast song>> hit the button three times
    if you hit the button four times the effect is off but position still remains

    for position cues with effects where you want to change the speed and/or size use the faders , hold choose and dial the wheels.
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    oooo, that's crafty. I like it! I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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