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Aaron ZahndAaron Zahnd Registered User
On one of my shows I have a cuelist with only desk channels and for what ever reason some random desk channels release with what looks like a 0 sec. fade. In the cuelist options the release time is set to 2 sec. Ive spent a while trying to figure this out. Any suggestions?


  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited November 2009
    Check your cues if you have the value off instead 0%. If you have value that value off, record a value 0% and check timing...
    I haven't checked lately but there has been some problems when adding new channels to cues and recording them cue only.


    I tested and this doesn't seem to be the problem anymore and the channels are releasing to off value correctly timed (cue fade time). What version of Hog software you are using?
  • Aaron ZahndAaron Zahnd Registered User
    edited November 2009
    I did end up fixing the problem by simply opening up the cue and just rerecording it even though they already had real values. The particular problem channels were in fact recently added to the cuelist. It just seemed kinda buggy. I'm only using V.3.0.4 so it may be that as well. I'm going to upgrade this week and I'll let you know if I continue to have problems.
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