Transfering Hog2pc Files to Hog1000

sstew998sstew998 Registered User
I have access to a Hog1000. I use the Hog2PC to create shows which I later which to upload to a Hog1000. I attempted to do so last night, but I received an error message.

Unfortunately, I did not note the exact error message or the version of the Hog1000 OS I was running. But in either case, the Hog1000 recognized the disk but refused to load the show files from the Hog2PC. Are the two compatible? If they are, am I missing a step to make this happen?



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hello, yes the two are compatible if you keep the Hog 2 PC patch to only Outputs 1 and 2. You can try formatting a blank floppy on the Hog 1000 and then saving the show from Hog 2 PC on it and you may have better luck. To format insert the floppy and press SETUP->SHOWS->FORMAT.
  • lightbrightlightbright Registered User
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    I've got a question about this too. I have a tour coming up, we're using a Hog 1k. I'd like to have a disk with all my library files on it before I start programming. But I remember something weird happened last year, where I couldn't make it work without first starting the show from the console and THEN loading it into HogPC to add the libraries and then back to the console.
    I could not start in HogPC and go straight to the console.
    Is this normal or could it have been a disk problem or a problem with the console?
  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    That's pretty much normal - the Hog500/1000 will not tolerate a disk formatted by the HogPC software. What you can do, if you like, it to take a Hog formatted floppy with nothing on it, create your entire show on the HogPC setup, and then hand copy _lib.lib and all the other library stuff over to the diskette, and you should be good to go from there. I interchange between the two platforms constantly, and fortunately, the incompatibilities have nothing to do with show files - only underlying diskette setup.

    - Tim
  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I seem to remember that this problem lies in the name of the disk, the Jands Hogs require a specific disk name.

    To figure it out, start a show on a Hog 500 or 1000, save to a floppy. Load the floppy in your computer. Right click on the disk in My Computer and look at the properties name, usually 'A' -something?

    Now when you create a show on Hog PC, save it onto a floppy. right click the disk, look at properties and change the name to what it's supposed to be. The Hog 500 or 1K should now be able to read it.

    Sorry, I don't have a floppy disk drive or Hog 1K in front of me, or I'd give you the correct naming. I have gotten it to work this way, though.
  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    What I do is just format the disk on the Hog 1000 - no show at all, just a clean format - and then copy the show to it on the PC.

    - Tim
  • Vegas82Vegas82 Registered User
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    I have the same problem and tried to follow the advises above with no success.
    I use the atest Hog1000 Firmware and current Hog2PC.
    I tried formatting in the desk first and the other way around, I tried copying the files manually.
    I also watched the outputs (only 1 + 2).

    It semms I´m something missing here.
    I have saved a show on the Hog1000 and transferred it into Hog2PC. I just added some effects but I also deleted nealy all of the preinstalled effects in Hog2PC.
    I save the show onto the floppy and hen try to load it in our Hog1000.
    Then I get an error message telling me of some incompatibility with Show file and HOg1000.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Sorry for my bad english!
  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    I don't allow Hog2PC to write to the floppy directly . . . ever . . .

    I take a disk from my 1000, copy it's contents to a show directory, and then open it with Hog2PC, and work on the show. When it's time to save, I write it back to hard disk, and *then* using just Windows, write *only* the show files that have been changed back to the floppy, and *NOT* the entire diskette! Unfortunately, I am not on that system at the moment, or I'd give you more details . . .

    - Tim
  • Vegas82Vegas82 Registered User
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    Thank you! Your method worked perfectly!
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