Networked MTC?

OliLightsOliLights Registered User
I noticed that you have removed the Networked I/O Unit from the Hog 3 Line. I have 5 Shows out at the moment all using these processors. I have more shows coming next year where timecode is received away from the console on stage for example and am using MTC to sync. What do i do? Can you still produce this unit? It seems that this is now a sought after piece of Kit...



  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
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    Hi Oli,

    HES discontinued the unit a while ago... I cannot remember the reason why, but I know it has been mentioned here before. However there are still quite a few for sale on places like solaris and gearsource, maybe it would be best for you to pick a few up there?

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Oli,

    We discontinued the IOP processor many years ago for several reasons. The best option is to use the USB Timecode widget and run SMPTE line from the source to the USB widget. Otherwise as Joe says you can purchase these used from many locations.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I realize its' not a solution for MTC.....but for LTC you could theoretically hook up an LTC widget to the rear USB port on a DP-8000.
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    > for LTC you could theoretically hook up an
    > LTC widget to the rear USB port on a DP-8000.

    This configuration is currently not currently supported. The only USB devices that work on a DP8000 are the Single Universe Widget, the Super Widget, and the DP8000 expander.

    We've discussed adding timecode and wing support to the DP8000, but it's not available at this time.
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    Despite all of your solutions and suggestions there is NO way of getting TC onto my hog network away from the consoles location. Frankly i find this lame and my reasoning for even using this control system is becoming even more unjustified.
    I am the only one??????
    DP's all at the stage end with the IOP's is the way i roll these days.

    What was wrong with the IOP.....? It served and continues to serve all my needs for syncronisation.

    The next thing will be NO MTC support.....If this is to happen then it will deliver the final blow with me and Hog III, as much as i hate to say this!
    I use Logic to setup and pre-program all my TC on the show's i work on, both for video and lighting syncronisation. In this instance i connect with a midi cable directly into the console. When we get to show production then i use the IOP's... some clients with LTC and others with MTC....

    USB scares me enough as it is! Connecting my rock wing and ELO touches to the desk is as far as i like to go!

    Whatever happened to Flying Pig listening to the needs of it's users?
    Personally i feel the Widget style box is a poor mans way of implementing TC to Hog III and it'll be the last thing i do.
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
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    Could you possibly use something like this? It would allow you to continue to use tcp/ip.
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    One method you could use is to have Hog 3PC on the network with a USB LTC widget. Then you can remotely get TC onto your Hog-Net.

    The IOP was not the most user friendly or budget minded product. We do hear your complaints and listen to the needs of our users, but this product was discontinued due to low sales, high price to produce, and several other internal reasons. Many shows run all the time using the USB widget with absolutely no problems, so you should not be worried about the reliability of the USB devices.

    Feel free to contact me directly to further discuss this at brad.schiller (at)
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    does the Hog III rackmount unit support
    any type of LTC or MTC directly. What are
    the stereo Jack line in/out for on the unit.

    Regards Cormac
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    The Rack Unit has MIDI build it. It can connect to an LTC widget to get timecode that way.
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