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stephlightstephlight Registered User
I know it never happens :D but in case if one days a crash and desk no responding will happen it would be nice to have a keys combination that restarts the console without disconnect the desk, pending shutdown and reboot (during a show this could be annoying :wall: ), and / or a keys combination to return to the start page.





  • PimmerPacKPimmerPacK Registered User
    edited September 2009
    Most of the time Pig+Open+Backspace is still working. Press Quit, and Restart Console. If even that doesn't work, I doubt any other combination will.
  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited September 2009
    Thanks, I know Pig+Open+Backspace but as there no reset button, unplug the console take a lot of time, it is just not possible during a show. I know I never had to do it and I hope I will never have to, but in case of I would prefer to have an issue instead of having thousands eyes looking in my direction during many longggggggggggggg minutes .
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