Hog 2 Faulting while Booting

GriffinGriffin Registered User
Hi There,

Running into some issues while booting up a Hog 2...

After the "Testing... Confidence is High" line, the bottom of the screen displays:

Fault at FFFF0FB0, Opcode 65844A80, Type AAEA9DE D86168FC 1004 A001
Trace FFFF0FB4 FFFF41BC FFFF0C90 501397F8 50140DD8 5013A224 5013A238 50000514

Guessing that some sort of a sotware issue... would anyone have any guesses as to what the problem is?

As far as I know, the console wasn't subjected to any abuse from the last time it was working until now...

Thanks for any Help!


  • GriffinGriffin Registered User
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    A few other bits of info to share...

    Both of the 12v indicators on the back of the console do not light... apparently the desk has functioned fine while this was the case in the past, but it does seem a bit suspect.

    The console isn't welcoming any new software into its system, whether it's the latest release or the oldest available online.

    So there's that...

  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Griffin wrote: »
    Both of the 12v indicators on the back of the console do not light

    Sounds like a bad power supply.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hello, the error you mention usually indicates a hardware problem such as damaged traces on the processor pcb. Damaged traces can be difficult to find and repair at times. It may be a component on the processor pcb as well. Also check all of the power cables and see if any of the connectors have a loose conductor as that can also cause problems.
  • GriffinGriffin Registered User
    I randomly came across this thread this afternoon while looking for solutions to my current Hog II issue... I was amused to see that I was the one who started this thread several years ago... Anyways:

    Same console that was having issues in 2009, however this time it's appears to be having problems with the memory system. Upon boot, the screens display "Program Memory Corrupt - You Must Load New Software Now". As I attempt to load new software, the console will get about a minute into the process and then announce: "Program Corrupt - Load Program Failed".

    I've tried replacing the floppy drive, using different floppy disks, reseating socketed memory, swapping the socketed memory around and trying older versions of software.

    My next thought would be to try and find replacement socketed memory and swap it out... my question is whether or not this would have any impact on the console booting... it looks like there's other flash memory soldered on to the board which would be more challenging to replace, probably above my skill level. Does anyone know in which bank of memory the console software resides?

    Thanks for any tips!
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