Hog 500 help!

WreckerWrecker Registered User
Hey y'all,

Last night I was doing some battle with the Hog 500--was trying to reset or home some Martin 600s, and the console came up with an error message: "dimmeredit internal error". I tried clearing the show, loading a new one, reloading the old show, and rebooting, but I still couldn't call up my Martin fixtures. The High End studio spots were responding as well as the regular desk channels, but that error kept on popping up even when I loaded the backup show. Appreciate anyone's help and thank you in advance.



  • SHOWGUNSHOWGUN Registered User
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    That might warrant a call to HES. Beats me completely I took out my hog 500 and brought out some mac 600's and there working fine all the way. how about updating your console?
  • WreckerWrecker Registered User
    edited August 2009
    that's kind of hard for me to do right now--am over in mediterranean at the moment and cannot get broadband internet, so it's really expensive for me to download updates. also do not have usb to floppy drive converter, so i cannot update the board. but thank you for your suggestions. i ended up wiping the console with a clean start several times, reset my dimmers and power, and after the 10th time, was able to get my board up and running. i love ship power.
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