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Hello All,

I have a trackspot that is not self testing or working on audio master setting. Here's some of the things Ive tried so far - maybe someone can point me in the right direction...

Board Version is 3.3 - TS IC version 4.2 - 3773 Motor Driver IC's

Sensors seem to be functioning - motors, shutter, gobos all home properly when power is applied to fixture.

Proper power is getting to board - checked voltage to board. Enable light is lit and fan comes on when first powered up.

When trying to self test, fixture goes through homing process, then does nothing - lamp does not turn on, mirror does not center itself. Just static after homing.

When trying fixture as audio master, it goes through homing process, then lamp powers on for a split second then goes out -- at the same time, mirror starts to move, then stops. After that, fixture is static.

Any help would be great - I am assuming the main logic ic is functioning since it does start to perform the correct functions... What is my next step in the troubleshooting process? Check resistors? Just start switching out chips? If so, which ones do I go with first?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • jeeperjeeper Registered User
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    dose every thing stop running fans ect.? if so try pushing on the voltage selc. sw on the bottom. I had a few them do the same thing, they power up for a few seconds and then everything died.
  • Chadster1976Chadster1976 Registered User
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    Hi Jeeper,

    Thanks for the input. That was something that I thought of as well, so I had tried moving the switch back and forth as well as pushing in on it, but it had no effect.

    I don't think that is the issue - I have had other fixtures that had bad voltage selector switches go bad - the fan does keep running and the audio light does blink when I tap on the fixture or have a loud music source.

    Any other thoughts?
  • space visualsspace visuals Registered User
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    Hi there, have you looked at the conectors from the board to the motors, I have exprianced problems with erratic motor movement due to intermitant connection on 4 pin connectors for the motors which can cause units not to perform full self test therefore not
    start up.
  • Chadster1976Chadster1976 Registered User
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    OK, here's an update for anyone still reading this post... (thanks for the suggestions Jeeper and Space).

    I tested the wires on both pan and tilt motors as per Space's suggestion. Both pan and tilt are showing connection (.3 ohm resistance) in all four wires. I went ahead and changed out both motors just to be sure but that has had no effect.

    I had read some posts on the board about resetting the fixture (switching all dips on and setting the mechanical break to a full step on the stepper motor), so I figured I would try this to see if this might be the problem. I could not complete this step, however because switching all dips to the "on" position results in the fixture constantly resetting itself and not allowing the sensing of the steps in the stepper motor.

    I thought this to be interesting, so I tried something else - setting the fixture to personality 2 "on" - set up mode - works! Strangely the fixture homes to center, light comes on and shutter opens to allow me to focus the lens as it is supposed to.

    Could this be in issue with the dip switches? Maybe the chips that sit right next to them? Has anyone bypassed a dip? Can I short a leg of the switch to test or would this be a bad idea?

    Am I just throwing myself off the real path of the problem? Any other thoughts or suggestions? :confused:
  • bigdarkspotbigdarkspot Registered User
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    Might want to try replacing ic6, I had one behaving similarly, and that was the fix.

    If you have a DSO, you can test it. trigger on pin 19 of ic6, then probe each of the output pins (which are the same as the D0-D7 data lines on the processor). You should be able to see these respond to the dip switches. If any of the outputs are stuck on or off, you should be able to see it.

    (an analog scope might work if the trackspot enables pin 19 often enough that you can see the level before it fades)

    Anyway, hope that helps.
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