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I just went back to work on a Hog II here the other day and i found out i had forgotten one small thing.

I place three cues on one fader
Cue 1 . Red (desk channels)
Cue 2. Blue (Desk channels)
Cue 3. Red and blue (Desk channels)

I wanted Cue number 1 & 2 to chase until I hit go and it all go over to cue 3.

I know this is basic stuff but I could not find it anywhere inside my brain even if i have worked on the desk a million times. It was simply to long ago. Could anybody help refresh my memory ?



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You need to play to cue 2 then press "insert Link" at the top of the cuelist window. Then you can edit the link details.

    Hopefully this will trigger your brain...
  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
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    on hog3 i do the same:
    quelist = set to chase

    Que 1 odd@full
    Que 2 even@full
    Que 3 link Que 1 / forever
    Que 4 truss1@full
    Que 5 truss2@full
    Que 6 link Que 4 / forever

    this will indeed repeat the Que's if I use the goto-button, but if Que 1+2 are playing, how can I get to Que 4+5 ???
    (or if 4+5 play, how do I get back to 1+2 ??? )
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    you should be able to just type in goto cue 4 or backspace until you hit cue 4 or 5 then hit go and it will chase 4 & 5
  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
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    yep, I know, but I would like a faster way, like hit the play-button.

    right now I use the channel-play for "goto Q1" and the channel-pauze for "goto Q4". Works fine, but if you could use the main playbutton to go to next "block" of qu's in your list, it would be quicker.
  • yamilyamil Registered User
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    make cue 4 a follow of cue3 and cue 1 a follow of cue 6, so when you hit play it will skip the link cue, so if you press play you will be chasing cue 4 and 5 and play again chasing 1 and 2
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