new user Hog 2 training needs help.

Shepheard220Shepheard220 Registered User
Hello Everyone, I'm Shepheard and I'm new to this forum as well as a new Hog2/Hog2PC user. I've been doing stage lighting for about 5 years now and have a solid foundation to work from, but most of my time has been with other control desks (software). What I can easily program on one desk I'm finding challenging to do on the Hog, because I'm new at it! I've been helping at my church and the lighting director has everyone use the same programming methods to keep things simple and less prone to errors... I completely agree, so far. Basicaly we use a single fader/cuelist to run the weekends services. So everything Needs to be in a single cuelist. With that said my question is in 2 parts.... 1) How should I program color chases? I mostly understand the EFX engine and everything else with the Hog. So far I can get the fixtures to chase from white to another color... but I want to be able to program all the lights to one color , say red, with some other color ,say blue, chasing over the top of that. (so each fixture goes from red to blue to red again) 2) can this be done using only one cuelist? All fixtures use CMY. I've read and reread the manual, and searched these forums, which has been a huge help already and pointed me in the right direction, I just need more help . Thanks everyone!


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