pc version saving files in random places...

TheLDTheLD Registered User
So I have hogII pc on my flash disk (copied program files) and I keep finding files (not show files) it saved in random places:dunno:. I have files called focus, beam, ect on the hard drive and I found a beam parameters one on another flash disk (that I was running at the same time). Any idea why it's doing this?

I've found random files in different places on other computers too. This doesn't really affect anything, but it is kind of annoying.



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    edited July 2009
    It sounds like you may just be saving to the drive and not to a particular folder on the drive. I would recommend creating a specific, individual folder to save each show into.
  • TheLDTheLD Registered User
    edited July 2009
    Thanks Mitch. Glad to hear someone is still hanging out here in the hogII land. It's actually not an entire show file. Also the show files (which I'm saving elsewhere, either in a folder in My Documents or on a flash) work fine. These seem to appear any time I open the program on a computer no matter where I save the show file.
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