Problems putting groups at full

dupordupor Registered User
Hi All,

I have a problem on a WholeHog2 where I will create a bunch of groups, and then when programming, 75% of the time, if I type GROUP # FULL the group becomes selected in the programmer but not set to full....I have to type @ 100 ENTER after what I have typed above to put it at full. Also, I occasionally get error messages on the command line when setting levels or other parameters on equipment. The show where this was presenting the most trouble was a show with ~200 desk channels and one DMX strobe (which I had to create a library disk for). Anyone seen this sort of behavior before/have a good fix? I've tried resetting the console with a cold start to no avail. The issue becomes very frustrating when using older/dimmer lighting equipment that needs to be put at full often.



  • erockerock Registered User
    edited July 2009
    I think you have to use Group # @ Full on Hog 2. With individual fixture numbers you can do # Full with no @.

  • dupordupor Registered User
    edited July 2009
    Thanks Eric, good point! Anyone else have any input on the errors that happen when doing this sometimes? Time for an OS reinstall, or just get used to the issues?
  • erockerock Registered User
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    What are the error messages that you get?
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