How to connect Hog3PC and WYSIWYG at same pc.

kksn89kksn89 Registered User
As the title pretty much says, I want to now how to connect my Hog3PC and my WYSIWYG.
Both programs are running on the same computer.
I have made a show in WYSIWYG and pachted it and I have pached a show in Hog3PC.
Can someone please help me??


  • eventdesignlabeventdesignlab Registered User
    edited April 2009
    I don't believe you can run Wysiwyg and Hog3pc on the same computer. But if you have a second computer and an cat5 crossover cable you can run Hog3pc on one and Wysiwyg on the other. You will need to go into your network setting on both computers and set one computer to

    and the other to:

    Once they can "see each other", both Wholehog manual and Wysiwyg have detailed instructions on setup at that point.

    Good Luck

  • but0017but0017 Registered User
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    it is possible to run the hog and wysiwyg on the same pc u just need to have the Hog3 visualizer connectivity function ticked to install when u install hog, so it gives an ip address of you start wysiwyg it will start the hog connectivity driver and start searching for a show, in wysiwyg you need to enter the console number under address this is usually 1. hope i havnt missed anything good luck.
  • eventdesignlabeventdesignlab Registered User
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    Then I stand corrected.

    Everyday I learn a little more...:tapedshut:
  • wizardwizard Registered User
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    Further on to this, you will need either a working network connection or the windows xp loopback adapter for your system to "think" that it is on a network.
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