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Can some one explain why when I go to update cues I get the message pop up saying that these channels are open under another playback and that will cause unusual channel behaviour? I have no channels open in the programmer and no other cues open for editing. Its causing channels to be updated in Cuelists that the channels are not associated with. Can I only update to specific cuelists by opening cue editors for those cues?

Is this a bug? Its causing me to have channels intermingle between running cuelists... and no end of frustration.


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    This is known to occur after moving an edited list. For example:

    1. Attach a list to a fader
    2. open and edit a cue from that list --> press update
    3. delete list from the playbackfader
    4. move list to another playbackfader
    5. opening the same cue and you will see the following error:
    This object is already open via another playback - this can result in unexpected
    stage looks whilst editing.

    Usually logging off/on resolves the issue. This error is logged as bug #12308 and I have added your comments to the bug.
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    Is Logging in and out the only work around? And if I'm outputting to a rig when I log in and out will I lose DMX output? (I will, of course)

    And a second question: unrelated. I'm going to be programming to song and firing the list(s) off of SMPTE. I can fire multiple lists with SMPTE? and those lists have to be attached to a fader? What happens if I move those lists among faders.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Logging in and out is the easiest known work around but it is possible to get around this issue by making a copy of the cuelist and using the copied cuelist instead.

    Note: If you are outputting to a rig and log off DMX output will go into keep alive (5hz refresh) but the look on stage will hold until you log back on in which case everything will go to the released state. The only way to "shut down dmx output" is to turn off the console (Road Hog, iPC, Full Boar) or the DP (in the case of a Wholehog 3).

    And yes, you can fire multiple lists with SMPTE. Those lists do not have to be attached to faders. They just have to have the correct timecode source selected in the cuelist options along with timecode enabled and they should listen to the timecode stream and fire cues.
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