Hog 1000 Corrupt

AnotherevilBradAnotherevilBrad Registered User
I have run our Hog through a flash test in the test section and when the test is complete, it corrupts the software. We also have dmx output 1, dmx output 2, and midi output failure when we select (#17 - Run Tests 2,3,5,7,8,9) but running each output test seperatly completes with no problem. A couple other probelms we have found was the disk drive was dead and the main display ribbon cable is flakey but still works. When we reload the software into the console, it is fully functional, but we just have concerns with all of these failures when testing the console.

P.S. Hello Mr.Schiller, it's been a while since the BIG M in europe.


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    What software/firmware versions are you running?

    - Tim
  • AnotherevilBradAnotherevilBrad Registered User
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    Hi Tim, we have loaded v3.3(177) and ROM Library v5.4. These are the latest from both the HES site and Jands site. We have installed both versions to see if that was the problem.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    The Flash test screwing up the software is normal as it is sending info to the flash chips in order to test them.
    The DMX tests require a DMX to MIDI adapter and if these aren't used it will fail. It doesn't actually mean there is a problem with the console, just the adapter wasn't in place for the test to work properly. Some tests need a 2 x DMX to MIDI adapter.
    The MIDI test needs a MIDI cable going from the OUT to the IN in order to work properly.
  • AnotherevilBradAnotherevilBrad Registered User
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    Thank You Mitch and Tim.
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