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I not sure how to achieve this but I set up a chase on a fader say 4 steps at 120bpm. In my main show cuelist I add a macro to go list whatever. A couple of cues later I add a Release cue whatever. Works fine. However what i want to happen is for the chase cuelist to fade in and out. What seems to happen is that when the command for Release macro is run, the chase is stopped and and the step it was stopped on fades out over the time specified in the cuelist options for release. The assert is similar. Is there a way to do this that keeps the speed of the chase running but brings the intensity up and down over given times?


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    In my following suggestion I assume the chase itself is an intensity chase. Perhaps instead of releasing the chase you can try setting the chase to "persist on override" and then add 0% intensity values in the main cuelist to stomp the chase which theoretically would allow the chase to still run but be overridden by the main cuelist.
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    Yes an intensity chase. I just tried your suggestion but basically the same thing happened. Say the chase is running at a reasonably fast speed, what happens is when you press go the current step is stopped at what ever level it is at from the chase list and from there it begins its fade out over time given in the main cue list. Same issue really. It would be nice if the assert and release times of a chases cuelist options worked basically as if I was to press go on the list and manually push up and down the Fader.
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    Why not just have one master that is your chase without any intensity information and then another that runs an effect on the intensities of the fixtures so they fade up and down as the effect is running?
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    http://forums.highend.com/showthread.php?t=3520, a long time ago though.
    and sometimes is a chase or some follow cues a better sollution.

    ciao, san
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